Overlays 1.0.8 Review

Make your own home screens with whichever widgets you desire, with Overlays.

One of Android's biggest pluses over an iPhone is the flexibility you get with home screen widgets. If you're looking for more ways to change the way things look, add Overlays to your home screens. It lets you view a custom home screen from any app you're using. It's a little tough to set up at first, but it's pretty cool once you get started.

Before you get to work setting up the app, it pays to view the tutorial. The developers' site has some helpful hints that will make the app easier to use, too. In Overlays, you have "profiles" that act as home screens that show up on every screen of your phone. These can stash any widget a regular home screen can, as well as some built-in widgets the app comes with. It's a little jarring to see your home screen everywhere, but it really makes creating your own home screen and lock screen layouts a lot easier. You don't need to be in the app's menu to edit home screens, but you do have to turn the app on before your widgets start appearing. Be careful, because the app doesn't have any fail-safe in place to keep these extra widgets from draining your battery.

Whether or not you'll like the app is up to you. As far as performance goes, Overlays does exactly what you expect it to. It lets you carry a custom home screen with you to any app and gives you loads of options to tinker with. If that strikes your fancy, then you won't be disappointed.

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