Optimize Master 1.2 Review

Make the most out of your phone's memory and CPU with Optimize Master.

The debate still rages as to whether task killers and memory optimizers actually do anything on Android. Optimize Master is another entry that claims to help you win back some extra memory and CPU power. It didn't seem to do much during testing, though, and it lacked some of the convenience of other optimizing apps, as well.

Though the app has a smooth, easy-to-navigate layout for one-touch boosting, it doesn't offer a home screen widget. That means you have to open the app to get to the good stuff, which is an unnecessary step with similar apps. The app helps you monitor your CPU, SD, RAM, and ROM. When you click optimize, it seems to put more of a toll on your CPU than before without unlocking any of your phone's RAM. You can set up automatic cleanings, but only on intervals of 12 hours or more. You cannot make Optimize Master clean your phone's processes on screen lock or every hour like you can with other task-killing apps. The app's settings menu doesn't offer any bonus features for tinkering, just advertisements to rate the app and download other apps made by the developer.

Optimize Master works well but lacks the advanced features or consistent performance boosting a task-killing app should have. If you really want a task killer on your phone, look to the more popular options like Advanced Task Killer or Advanced Mobile Care.

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