Open Office to PDF Converter 1.0 Review

Turn Office files into PDFs so you can read them more easily with Open Office to PDF Creator.

PDF files are much easier to send and read than your standard Open Office files. This app claims to convert your Office files into PDFs, but it does the bare minimum to live up to that name. In fact, Open Office to PDF Creator seems much more like a basic file viewer than anything else.

Most of Open Office to PDF Creator's navigation buttons are clouded by ads that take up the top and bottom of the screen. That really doesn't matter, since you can do most of the converting right from your file menu. Converting .odt files is fast, but the app slides a timestamp and watermark at the top of your file. You have to pay to get it removed. If you want to view a document, it uses another PDF viewer.

As a file-converting program, this app is too one dimensional to be worth recommending. There are more comprehensive apps that will handle Open Office and other document types, as well, without adding a watermark or other extra information.

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