One Touch Draw/Sketch & Paint 1.2 Review

Doodle on all of the photos on your smartphone or tablet with One Touch Draw/Sketch & Paint.

Photo-filtering apps can add artistic or sophisticated flair to all of your favorite photos. True to its name, One Touch Draw/Sketch & Paint lets you draw, sketch, and paint on photos, but it's marred by a messy interface that requires a lot of trial and error to get results.

Before you get started with One Touch Draw/Sketch & Paint, the app asks you to accept an ad agreement. You don't have to accept, but it installs ads on your status bar, browser home page, and more if you do. For an app that's centered around photo design, One Touch has an awful layout. It looks like something a child put together. When you tap your way through the app's menu, the app lags before taking you where you want to go. The actual drawing area of the app isn't any better. It gives you a small canvas with big menu buttons that make it tough to draw anything other than squiggly lines. The app claims to let you import photos from Facebook or Instagram, but trying to do it often crashes the app.

When the app isn't crashing, it still isn't useful. One Touch Draw/Sketch & Paint doesn't give you enough control over your pictures to create anything worth enjoying. If you don't have a big-screen phone or a precise stylus, you'll get nothing out of this app. Even if you do have plenty of screen real estate, you can find apps with more features.

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