Kids Learn n Play ABC (Free) 1.3 Review

Help your child learn letters and beginner's vocabulary with Kids Learn n Play ABC (Free).

If your child can't put down your smartphone or tablet, it's good to have an array of fun but educational games on retainer. Kids Learn n Play (Free) is designed to help them learn their ABCs, but it's not as deep or polished as other learning games on Android and there are a few other issues that detract from its ability to help your kids learn the alphabet or spelling.

There might be an initial moment of confusion because the app shows up as "English Alphabet" in your phone's app launcher. It has two learning modes and two game modes. The learning modes -- one sounds out the letters while the other shows vocab cards -- require constant tapping. The game modes make your child pop balloons to hear letters in order and find letters in a group. Kids Learn n Play is narrated by a female voice with a heavy accent. Some of the letters and words are actually pronounced incorrectly and spelled wrong - such as spelling yacht "yatch" and pronouncing it to rhyme with "watch." The game requires constant babysitting, too. Some of the ads block parts of the game to set up accidental taps and levels have to be advanced, manually.

For an educational app, Kids Learn n Play's errors are problematic. We recommend you look for something else to help your child learn the ABCs.

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