FB Touch for Facebook 1.0.0 Review

See your Facebook News Feed in a new way using FB Touch for Facebook.

As popular as it is, Facebook's default app is still fairly slow and buggy. Unfortunately, the same can be said for most of the replacement Facebook apps you'll find in the Play Store. FB Touch for Facebook isn't any faster or easier to use than any of those. If anything, it's less fun than using Facebook's default app.

This app is actually one of a pack of apps that offer the same mediocre experience under different names. Like all of those, FB Touch for Facebook sports a Facebook layout circa 2011 with a few added buttons that take you to your home page or refresh your feed. They get in the way more often than not, sadly. You can get rid of them in the app's settings menu, though. What you can't get rid of is the permanent banner ad the app sticks at the bottom of your feed. The app makes pictures and text shake and flicker as you're scrolling. Since scrolling is something you do often on Facebook, it will start to make your stomach turn after a while.

It would be one thing if FB Touch for Facebook offered you a faster Facebook experience with more ads. Since it isn't any easier or more fun to use than Facebook's default app, the choice is easy. Stick with your current Facebook browser as this isn't an upgrade.

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