ExcelReader read MS Excel file 1.06 Review

View Excel spreadsheets on your smartphone or tablet with ExcelReader.

Smartphones and tablets are standard-issue in the business world, but they don't come with great Office software. This software, however, gives your smartphone the magical ability to read Excel spreadsheets from your phone. That is, if you can see through the numerous ads.

This is a reader app, which means it doesn't let you make any edits to the documents you read. The app doesn't actually work with the .xls format in Excel; instead in converts Excel files to PDF format to display them. That means you'll end up with two copies of the file, with the PDF version bigger than the original. This could clog your phone or tablet's storage very quickly. It also means you can't view graphs, pivot tables, or other goodies you'd be able to see with a real Excel document. For some reason, you can't zoom in on the PDF, which can make actually viewing the Excel spreadsheet difficult. That's especially true when you consider the ads throughout ExcelReader, which are at near overwhelming levels. They'll find you in the app's menus, your actual spreadsheets, and anywhere else you can imagine.

With the non-stop advertising and no zoom option, ExcelReader makes you struggle to actually view your Excel files. So stick with one of the many ad-free Office suites you can use on Android and skip this painful app. You'll have fewer frustrations and more control over your spreadsheets.

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