Browsix Lite for Android 2.2.4 Review

Control your phone without wires right from your browser with Browsix Lite for Android.

Not only does this app want to rescue your phone from wires, it also wants to help you control it without needing to get up to grab it. Browsix Lite for Android finds your phone and connects fast, but the Web component seems to be broken. If it is ever fixed, this will be a nice app to have handy.

Browsix Lite for Android requires you to be on the same network as your computer in order to work. Once you're connected, you have to load the app on your phone and in your browser to make the connection. After multiple tests on multiple phones, the browser component seemed to be offline or broken. Trying to load the app through the IP address fails, too. You can still set a password for your data and other goodies from the app, but they won't do you much good if you can't actually get to the app online. The app's menu claims to offer a widget, as well, but it didn't show up in any menu during testing.

Browsix Lite for Android looks like a nice idea that is executed badly. Since it's quick to set up, you might as well check if Browsix's Web component is back online. In the meantime, there are other apps that do this job and are much more stable.

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