Next Task Manager Widget 1.0.1 Review

This free 3D plug-in enhances Next Launcher.

If you think "Noonien Soong" when someone says "Android doc," you might be a Trekkie (and fiercely proud of it). But if you hear "Android dock" instead, maybe you're thinking of Next Launcher, an Android-based app dock and launcher. If you use Next Launcher, you'll certainly want to take a look at Next Task Manager Widget, a free 3D plug-in for Next Launcher from GO Launch Team. We tried Next Launcher with and without Next Task Manager Widget installed, and the plug-in definitely improved the docking app's 3D performance. Though Next Task Manager Widget is free, Next Launcher isn't. But you can now try Next Launcher for free in a trial version. That's what we did.

If you install Next Task Manager Widget on an Android device without Next Launcher, the plug-in creates a colorful theme and a rotating screen display simulating Next Launcher's 3D carousel-like view. An onscreen message noted that the plug-in works specifically with Next Launcher. That's all well and good, but what if (like us) you don't have that program? You can click a link to download Next Launcher's trial version. Without getting into a review of that app, which changes most of the ways you control your Android device, we'll only say that it looks pretty cool. It presents customized screens in a variety of 3D views you can swipe through quickly.

As we noted, we tried Next Task Manager Widget with and without Next Launcher, and we also tried Next Launcher with and without Next Task Manager Widget. There's no doubt that the widget improves Next Launcher's 3D performance. Without the plug-in, we had to swipe to advance each screen, but Next Task Manager Widget sent our carousel of screens spinning like a top with a finger flick. Screens flashed in and out of view almost instantaneously. If you're one of the many Next Launcher users, we recommend trying Next Task Manager with it. And the next time Android docs come up in casual conversation, you'll have something other than "Star Trek" to talk about -- assuming you think that's a good thing!

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