Temperature Monitor for Mac 4.97 Review

Keep track of your computer's temperature and performance with Temperature Monitor for Mac.

Accessing all accessible temperature sensors on your Mac is very useful if you're trying to find out why your computer hangs after some hours of usage or when under some heavy load. Temperature Monitor for Mac displays the temperature of every component within your Mac in an easy-to-read format.

This app comes in a small 3.3MB package, which you can download for free. Installation is straightforward and simple and there are additional drivers/software also included in the installer. Upon your first launch, Temperature Monitor for Mac will scan your computer and display all the information that it gathers. The app allows you to export readings and results to a simple text file for you to use as a reference. There are also other features such as system information and history tabs that make this app a great all-around system utility. The option to configure your layout and show and hide different windows is a great feature, too. If you feel like the app is taking up too much space, simply close all the windows and leave it running in the background, as you will still be able to access it via the menu icon.

Temperature Monitor for Mac covers all your system monitoring needs and more. This app is recommended for users who need to keep track of their computer's temperature.

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