Pin4Ever for Mac 4.0 Review

Protect and store your pins offline for backup using Pin4Ever for Mac.

If you are a Pinterest fan or if you use it to promote your business, then all your pins must be very important to you. Since your pins aren't permanent and can disappear, you can easily back them up with Pin4Ever for Mac.

It takes a long time to set up Pin4Ever for Mac before you can start backing up. The installation requires the latest version of Java and you'll be asked to update the software if you don't have the latest version. Once the app is installed, you'll then need to begin the lengthy process of signing up for an account and verifying your Pinterest account for use on Pin4Ever. This app only offers one free backup and once you've used it, you'll need to pay for an upgrade to create more backups. While this app is great for backups, it doesn't have a restore function so you need to manually upload all your pins again. There is also a built-in browser available in the app, but it is quite slow and prone to crashing. You can easily access all your files and change the location of your backups using large buttons located at the top menu. When you initiate the backup, the app will scan your Pinterest account for all your pins and give you the option of selecting which pins to save.

While Pin4Ever for Mac offers a nice solution for backing up pins, it lacks some other rather useful options such as a restore function. Nevertheless, devoted Pinterest users who have a lot of pins will find this application useful.

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