Mood Browser for Mac 1.2 Review

Surf the Web using the minimalistic Mood Browser for Mac.

There are many alternative Web browsers you can use for Mac besides Safari. While easy to install and run, Mood Browser for Mac only offers the very basic features of a Web browser, and it feels like the app isn't completely ready for a full release.

Mood Browser for Mac can be run without an installation. Once you launch the browser you will immediately notice the lack of features. The browser looks very simple and part of the window is blocked by a gray area, reducing the browser's display size. This browser feels like it is a work in progress and even though it may one day become an adequate browser, at the moment it doesn't seem completely ready for everyday use. The biggest nuisance is having to type out the full URL, including the http:// prefix, or the browser won't be able to connect to the Web site you want to view. You are also restricted to one window and one tab. There are also some keyboard shortcuts missing such as back and forward, which most users expect.

Mood Browser for Mac needs a lot more work to be fully functional and ready for everyday use. If you are looking for alternatives to Safari, stick with the big names such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, for now.

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