Express Accounts Free for Mac 4.67 Review

Follow your business accounts and invoices with Express Accounts Free for Mac.

Those who run small or home-based businesses need a method to track their business accounts. Express Accounts Free for Mac performs all expected accounting functions well and is simple enough for average users to operate.

Download and installation of Express Accounts Free for Mac finished quickly. The initial menu is one for additional programs that the user can download for additional functions, such as invoicing and point-of-sale applications. While it is not clear if there is technical support, tutorials are available through a link to the developer's Web site. The main menu is basic, but the major functions are easy to distinguish with a row of buttons along the top of the window. Users can set up invoices and receipts, as well as perform functions for reporting and more. Clicking on areas for payments or invoices brings up a separate screen where the details of each transaction can be entered. These submenus are basic, but functional and easy to use. At the window's bottom left, there is a section displaying the balances of main accounts along with accounts payable and receivable.

While basic, Express Accounts Free for Mac functions well as an accounting program and would be useful for those operating small businesses.

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