Winstagram - Instagram Widget 3.3 Review

Follow your Instagram favorites from your home screen using Winstagram - Instagram Widget.

Instagram users may be searching for a more efficient way to use the app from their home screens. Winstagram - Instagram Widget claims to make viewing your favorite photos easier, but its operational failures make it difficult to use.

Winstagram - Instagram Widget comes at no cost. The download from the Google Play store completed quickly, but installation took longer than expected. It is not clear from the application if technical support is available, and there were no user instructions available, either. Upon startup, the application returned multiple errors, but after several tries it eventually opened. The main screen was an Instagram sign-on screen. Unfortunately, the widget failed to allow typing into the log-in field, which prevented it from linking to the active Instagram account. The widget, itself, takes up two-thirds of one's home screen, which is a large amount that will most likely require moving a number of existing widgets. When installed, the widget simply displays a developer picture and would not perform any other functions, likely due to the failure to link to Instagram, itself.

Winstagram - Instagram Widget's programming problems and large home screen size mean smartphone users should look elsewhere for a useful Instagram widget.

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