TruSpy 2.0 Review

Ensure your children use their phone appropriately with TruSpy.

As children use smartphones more often, monitoring their use has become important. TruSpy works well as a hidden application and has a number of useful features for parents tracking cell phone use.

The program offers a free trial version with a 48-hour time limit. Full functioning requires payment of a subscription at a daily rate that varies depending on the length of time of the contract. TruSpy downloads quickly, but installation took longer than expected. At startup, the user is prompted to sign up for an account through the developer. Once completed, the application installs on the phone, but does not show up in any application list. The program allows the account holder to sign in via the Web site and track most aspects of the phone usage. This includes phone calls, data usage, Web usage, and the phone's GPS location, among others. All tracking occurs behind the scenes and the phone's user has no indication it is occurring. The tracking application can also be removed using the Web site, and there is no way to do so on the phone, itself. All of the functions work well and the application's Web site is easy to use. A guide is available on the Web site for those users who need any additional instructions.

TruSpy offers multiple features that perform well. Parents who need the ability to track their children's phone usage will find this app very useful.

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