Traffic Jam Free 1.6.8 Review

Free the taxi from a traffic jam in a simple yet addictive puzzle game.

With a number of puzzle games available for Android, finding one that sets itself apart may be a difficult task. Traffic Jam Free, while having an original concept and playing style, is too simple to entertain users for long periods of time.

Download and installation of Traffic Jam Free completed quickly via the Google Play store. At startup, the program immediately opens up to the game screen and lacks any instructions or tutorials. It did not appear that technical support was available either. This meant trial and error was needed to figure out the gameplay and controls. The game is a top-down view puzzle game, where the object is to free a yellow taxi from a parking lot. The user accomplishes this by moving parked vehicles around to open the space in front of the taxi. The graphics are dated and lack originality and detail. Fortunately, the gameplay, itself, works well, but the repetitive puzzles, while of increasing difficulty, become tedious after a few minutes. Additional options would have been welcome, but users looking for a simple puzzle game may find it satisfying. This game is available as a free version with advertising. A full version without ads is available for $1.64.

With its dated looks and easy gameplay, Traffic Jam Free would only likely appeal to casual gamers who enjoy puzzle solving.

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