Pokemon X and Y 0.1 Review

Watch trailers for upcoming Pokemon games using Pokemon X and Y app for Android.

Parents of Pokemon fans may need to find out about upcoming games. Pokemon X and Y is nothing more than an application to play a trailer, so those seeking Pokemon information should simply use the Internet rather than download this program.

Pokemon X and Y installs quickly and without any problems. The nature of the application is confusing and at startup, the user is greeted with a dated looking Web page screen with links to three Pokemon-related trailers and sites. This looked like an advertising screen rather than the app, itself, but after trial and error it became clear this was the entire application. There were no user instructions, but since the application has no purpose beyond linking to Internet sites about Pokemon, none are really needed. When clicked, the trailers did load quickly into the phone's video player. Some sort of truly necessary function for the application would have been welcome, since beyond simple news, it serves no real purpose.

For those users who do not have time to perform basic Internet searches for Pokemon news, Pokemon X and Y may serve some purpose; but all other users should look elsewhere.

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