Piano Melody Free Ebony and Ivory Look Review

Practice playing piano tunes on your Android gadget with Piano Melody Free.

Those looking for good musical experiences on their mobile devices have many options. Piano Melody Free performs well, but it is still a poor approximation of an actual piano keyboard.

Installation of Piano Melody Free completed quickly, and the game immediately started with no sign in or input required from the user. There is no main menu and the interface is quite easy to use. A tutorial would have been useful, but the menus can be figured out in a few minutes of trial and error. The main screen is part of a piano keyboard. At the top, users can select songs to play along to and change multiple configuration options. The game's goal is to have the user hear a popular tune and play it back accurately. Unfortunately, the screen size for a normal smartphone cannot hold the entire keyboard. This forces the user to slide a viewer across the keyboard to focus on the area that is needed. This may be less of a detriment if the game is played on a tablet with a large screen. Overall, the game's piano sound and responsiveness are good. This application is available for free with no payment required to use, although the user must see ads as they play.

While it's a good piano simulator, the app seems to be more suitable for tablet users than smartphone users. Those who have smaller screens may find Piano Free a disappointing keyboard simulator.

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