Panda Jam 1.1.11 Review

Move blocks to save a baby panda with Panda Jam.

The sheer number of games available for Android can make selecting enjoyable ones difficult. While functional, Panda Jam's dated interface and clunky gameplay make it a less desirable choice.

While the basic game is available for free, payment is required to unlock certain features or give the user additional turns. Despite the use of Wi-Fi, Panda Jam took longer than expected to download and install. Upon startup, the user is prompted to link to a Facebook account, although this can be bypassed. The menus and game interface appeared dated and were reminiscent of games from several years ago. Technical support for the game was unknown, but there was a tutorial available for new users. On the first try, this stopped functioning midway through and required a game restart, which was unfortunate. The game, itself, is simple, with the object of removing blocks to bring a baby panda closer to its mother at the bottom of the screen. Users have a limited number of turns to select boxes for removal. Users must collect at least one star rating before finishing the level, which is confusing and not explained well in the tutorial. The game's overall functioning was slow, but adequate, although loading time diminished the fun in playing it.

Despite its adorable concept, Panda Jam's dated interface and basic gameplay may turn away many users looking for a fun Android gaming experience.

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