MYAndroid Protection 2.0+ 4.2 Review

Back up your smartphone or tablet as you protect it from viruses with MYAndroid Protection.

With big names like avast! and Lookout running the Android security game, it's tough for smaller software to find a niche. MYAndroid Protection 2.0+ offers many of the same features as those, but you'll have to pay to use them. This app isn't bad by any means; it's just tough to recommend when free apps do its job just as well.

The free version of this app only lets you back up your contacts and scan apps as you download them. If you want to do a full virus scan or lock your phone remotely, you'll have to pay extra. That's not too bad, but most anti-virus apps on Android throw in these features for free. When you install MYAndroid Protection 2.0+, it turns itself on and turns any other anti-virus software you have off. It doesn't back up your contacts automatically, but when you ask it to, it can send them to a secure server or store them on your SD card. Backup only took about 30 seconds for 300 contacts.

If you just need a fast backup software, you've found a good one. MYAndroid Protection 2.0+ isn't a stellar option as far as security software, though. It will secure your phone, but it won't give you any bonus features to justify its price.

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