MoboPlayer 1.3.264 Review

View your favorite videos on your smartphone or tablet using MoboPlayer.

How many times have you tried to watch a video in Android's default player only to see the dreaded "File not supported" message? This third-party player says it can play "any" video on your smartphone. MoboPlayer adds support for some obscure formats, but doesn't nearly live up to that claim. It does rival other third-party apps for video support, though.

When you first load the app, it offers to scan your entire phone for video files. You can direct scanning toward specific folders to speed the process up. But when the app says it scans your entire phone, it definitely means it. MoboPlayer even found video apps that came packaged with gaming apps during testing. Sadly, the app doesn't always easily play every video it finds. It works with most of the formats you'd expect, though: MP4, MKV, MOV, and dozens more. It lets you create playlists on the fly and see detailed information about the video, too. You can check resolution, length, file size, and more from the same menu. The app gives you a picture-in-picture type image, but it's an eyesore more often than it is useful.

While it doesn't trump VLC and MX for features, it certainly matches them. If you've tried those and didn't like the presentation, give MoboPlayer a shot. It will play most of your videos and will give you plenty of control over them, too. It's especially useful if you like creating playlists.

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