iTunes to Android Wireless 1.6 Review

Sync your iTunes library to your gadget without wires with iTunes to Android Wireless.

One of the big perks of using an iPhone is wireless syncing from iTunes. iTunes to Android Wireless brings the same effect to your Android phone, but it can be a huge pain to set up. Once you have it working properly, you have to pay to make the most of the app. You're better off breaking out the USB cable and syncing things yourself.

This app actually calls itself Synctunes once you've downloaded it. It requires an app on your computer and iTunes to work properly, too. Since most of the work is done on your computer, you won't see the app's layout often. That's a blessing because its layout is not too appealing. The free version of the app only syncs 100 songs and one playlist. If you have more tunes that you want to sync, it costs $3.25. Filtering your downloads requires the paid upgrade, too. Syncing happens faster than you might expect, but it certainly doesn't blow wired connections out of the water. Trying to play any music from iTunes to Android Wireless takes you to your default music player.

Unfortunately for Android, it's a sub-par app like this that makes it hard for users to give up their iPhones. Even when you take the handcuffs off of iTunes to Android Wireless by buying the premium version, it's still limited in what it can do.

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