InstaLomo for Instagram 1.1 Review

Take filtered photos and share them with all of your friends with InstaLomo for Instagram.

If the hundreds of photo-filtering apps in the Play Store haven't tickled your fancy, try this one on for size. InstaLomo for Instagram puts an Instagram-esque layout on the popular Lomo app. Sadly, it doesn't even begin to compete with Instagram in terms of performance or social features.

Though this app says it's made for Instagram, it doesn't connect with your Instagram account in any special way. It seems much more like the developers name-dropped Instagram to try to appear in that app's search results. InstaLomo for Instagram can share to Instagram, Facebook, and other apps on your phone, though. It features 12 filters, but you can only apply them as you're shooting, not after. You don't get to preview the filter when you're snapping the picture, either. The filters aren't groundbreaking by any means. If you've used InstaLomo's cousin -- Lomo Camera -- you've probably seen and grown tired of them before.

There is absolutely nothing that separates this app from the myriad of filtering apps on Android. If you use Instagram or any of its lookalike apps, you won't end up with a better photo-filtering experience if you switch to InstaLomo for Instagram. If you don't already use those, then maybe give this one a try.

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