Harlem Shake Creator Lite Review

Make your very own Harlem Shake video with Harlem Shake Creator Lite.

Want to get in on the latest YouTube fad but don't have advanced editing skills? This fun app can help you create a Harlem Shake video in just a few minutes. Harlem Shake Creator Lite works surprisingly well compared to similar apps you'll find in the Play store. It's riddled with ads, though.

The app asks you to opt-in to an ad service that hits your phone with browser and status bar ads. You can opt out and still have the app's full functionality, though. There are obtrusive ads in the app itself, too. If you can ignore them, the app walks you through the entire Harlem Shake process without a hitch. Not only does it tell you exactly what to do in each scene, but it gives you plenty of time to frame your shot. Once you've filmed both parts, it takes Harlem Shake Creator Lite about a minute to combine it into a full Harlem Shake. You can upload the video to YouTube -- including a funny description -- right from the app.

Though it would be easy to write this app off for exploiting a passing fad, that'd be wrong. Harlem Shake Creator Lite is about as good as Harlem Shake video creators get. If that's something you want, download this app to get started on your way to YouTube fame. Don't be surprised by the invasive ads, though.

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