Google Keep 1.0.79 Review

Take organized notes and have them instantly available on any device with Google Keep.

For those with a busy lifestyle, good organization is the key to success. Google Keep is an amazing application that combines many of the features found in various organizational applications. It is part recording device, part sticky note, and part day planner, all wrapped up in one neat package. It is a useful, little tool that everyone should have.

Simple yet useful software, Google Keep downloads effortlessly and automatically prompts the user to log in with their Gmail address. Once registration has been completed all content that is present on the device can also be viewed via Web browser. Any device that uses the same Gmail account will also have its Google Keep account updated as new content is added. The user interface is incredibly intuitive. A simple control bar is oriented at the top of the screen. Using this menu the user can take a picture, add a note, record a sound, or create a checklist. These functions can also be combined to make a custom note for later review. If the user wants to create a note but does not want it immediately visible, they may opt to archive the document. Through the device's widget menu the user may create a widget for the home screen that will display the current content that is on Google Keep.

Another useful tool released by Google, Google Keep allows the user to create detailed notes with incredible ease and share these notes between devices. This app is simply a must have for anyone who wants to stay organized.

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