Fynch for Twitter 1.0.2 Review

Organize your Twitter feed and filter out the junk tweets with Fynch for Twitter.

Being that Twitter is one of the most popular social networks on the Internet, there are hundreds of applications available that strive to improve its experience. For anyone who uses this network on a regular basis, the Twitter feed can become quite cumbersome after a while, especially if the user follows too many sources and cannot keep up with the posts any longer. Fynch for Twitter claims to reorganize your tweets so you can review them in an efficient manner. While this app seems to work for the most part, it is not without flaws.

Installation of Fynch for Twitter only requires a short registration to link the program to your Twitter account. The official Twitter application is required for the program to work properly. This may be a deal breaker for many users who find the Twitter application to be inferior to the third-party applications that are available. The program for the most part operates automatically. It keeps track of tweets that you view and records when you read them. It also hides duplicate postings and can organize the tweets to your preference. The only problem some users may experience is the lack of updates. Sometimes Fynch will not post updates for extended periods of time and this can be frustrating.

Fynch for Twitter provides a comprehensive list of tweets that can be navigated and reviewed far more thoroughly than with the regular Twitter feed. It is definitely an application worth looking into if you are a Twitter fan.

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