Focus Effect 1.0 Review

Edit photos with a creative flair using Focus Effect.

The large amount of photo editing software currently on the market makes this genre very competitive. Focus Effect, however, stands out among the crowd. It delivers just what it claims to deliver: high-quality images. Users will be amazed at the artistic photos that can be created with an easy-to-use mobile application.

At 6MB, Focus Effect is not an incredibly light application, but that is expected from image editing software of this caliber. Download times may be extended if the user is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, so a high-speed connection is recommended. The user interface is very clean and intuitive. The main menu opens with only a couple of buttons that permit the user to take a new photo or select one from the gallery. Once the image has been selected, it appears in the initial editing window. This is the stage where the user selects an area that will remain in focus. The process is similar to the cropping technique used in most applications. After the image has been focused it can then be saved, shared, or edited further. A button on the bottom of the screen allows the user to apply an effects filter to the image or adjust color settings. The effects that are available are top notch and produce beautiful photos without a cheap or tacky feel. The final images that this app produces are haunting and dreamy. They are artistic and users will be proud to share them with their friends using the provided link.

Users searching for an application that will produce high-quality images should definitely look into Focus Effect. It creates photos that are creative, bold, and expressive. This app is highly recommended for all users regardless of their photography experience.

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