Drawtools 1.4 Review

Modify photos using effects in Drawtools and share them via social networks.

As misleading as the title may be, this application is not in fact a tool for drawing. Drawtools is actually a rather simple application for applying effects to photos.

As a very small application, Drawtools requires very little energy to install. It opens to a black screen with a few iconized buttons. One loads previously saved images, another takes a new picture, and a third shares the image via the social network of your choosing. Once you select an image you have the option to apply an effect. This option opens a drop-down menu that shows 26 different effects. The effects are incredibly easy to use. Some of the effects simply tint the picture in one color while others just distort it in a preset pattern. There is no control over the intensity of the effects and the final image quality is poor.

Anybody searching for a drawing tool will be let down by Drawtools. This app doesn't help you draw anything. What it does do is create very poor quality images that are altered. The effects that the application provides are way behind the competition, and many devices already come with built-in software that trumps this app.

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