Dragon Gem 1.1 Review

Match three or more objects to win big with Dragon Gem.

Matching games provide constant action, are easy to play, and tend to be quite addictive. Dragon Gem is no exception. This game has all of these elements as well as the added fun of a dragon theme.

Like most of the games in this genre, Dragon Gem downloads quickly and installs without any advanced settings. The game offers a very intuitive user interface and most users should have no problem finding their way without any instructions. The general strategy is to select matching items to eliminate them. As they disappear more items will fall into place. There are countless different items that will trigger exciting bonuses, too. When these items are matched, extra points are awarded, and usually they speed up the progress of the level. In this game the idea is to get the special dragon egg to drop to the bottom of the screen to proceed to the next level. The game is also timed, and quicker times yield higher scores.

Dragon Gem looks a lot like most other, similar matching games but it has a special charm. The dragon theme makes it slightly more entertaining and the special combos add excitement. This game could be a good choice for users looking for a fun, time-consuming and entertaining game.

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