Cool Styles, Emojis & Symbols 1.2 Review

Personalize your messages by using clever emoticons with Cool Styles, Emojis & Symbols.

Looking for a way to spice up your emails, SMS, or updates and statuses on your favorite messenger or social networks? Cool Styles, Emojis & Symbols might just be the app you need. It has hundreds of emoticons and symbols as well as many different fonts and styles that can be used.

Cool Styles, Emojis & Symbols installs effortlessly and functions perfectly. It is a very light and easy-to-use application. The user interface consists of an attractive blue background and high-contrast white lettering. It is easy to read and does not strain the eyes after prolonged use. The main menu allows the user to pick from several categories to begin the desired message. They may choose an emoticon, fancy texts, decorations, or cool styles. Once the choice has been made, an editing window opens and permits the user to create the text using one of the optional effects. A drop-down menu offers different font styles or emoticons to choose from. When the user completes their text message, they can share it through several different methods. The message can be shared as a Facebook status, copied to an SMS message, or moved to another program on the device.

For those looking to enhance their text messages or Facebook updates, Cool Styles, Emojis & Symbols is probably the best solution available. It provides a large amount of quality emoticons, text styles, and symbols at no cost to the user. With great functionality and a user-friendly interface this app is recommended for most users.

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