Camera Plus 1.3 Review

Capture creative photos with your Android smartphone using Camera Plus.

With the great multitude of camera applications available in the Google Play store, it is understandable when users become overwhelmed by the choices. Camera Plus claims to enhance the stock camera beyond its current capabilities. While it does supply the user with some effects that can be visually appealing, it unfortunately fails to deliver high-quality images.

Camera Plus downloads almost instantly due to the fact that it is only 2.5MB in size. Following an easy installation, the user is instantly prompted to accept the installation of a promotional search tool that will appear on the device's home screen. This type of advertising promotion is not only invasive but also distracts the user from the benefits of the program. That being said, the tool may be removed at any time after Camera Plus has been installed. The app opens sluggishly to a viewfinder that is choppy and low resolution. The image is pixelated and sections of the screen jump. The user interface has a clever layout, though, with the effects menu on the left of the screen and the camera functions at the bottom. The effects can also be changed by swiping the screen to the left or right. One of the things that sets this app aside from other camera applications is that the effects are applied to the viewfinder. In this way, the user can preview what the image will look like before the image is captured.

Camera Plus does a good job of presenting effects. However, the final images are very low quality and appear grainy regardless of technique. Another issue some users may have is the distraction of the incessant advertising, which appears on the viewfinder while you are trying to take a picture, on the home screen, and while the image is being saved. This is way too much -- even for a free application.

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