Bosspy 1.1 Review

Trace the movements and messages on a mobile device using Bosspy.

Good parental control and monitoring software usually doesn't come for free. Touted as one of the only totally free spy programs, Bosspy allows users to track movement of a mobile device and all the data associated with it, including SMS and email messages. While this app claims to be incredibly useful, it delivers an incredibly difficult-to-use program.

The program, itself, downloads instantly onto the device. It is around 1MB in size and seems to use very few resources once installed. The problems begin immediately after installation, though. Bosspy is intended to be completely invisible and undetectable to the user. The program is in fact invisible. Users will find it impossible to find on the device. The Web site for the developers is of no help, either. It requires registration to use the program and edit the settings, but the Web site is not fully functional. It will not allow users to log in once they are logged out or change any of the settings if they haven't completed the setup process on the phone. The Web site does not contain any useful frequently asked questions, and live support seems to be offline, too. We tried downloading the software on both Android 4.0 and Android 4.2 devices and the settings never showed up to set the program up. We followed all of the complicated instructions available on the developer's Web site multiple times and could not get it to work. At best this application could be deemed "under construction." It is definitely not ready to be distributed, as the setup process for this type of app needs to be straightforward.

For those searching for an application to track the use of a mobile device, Bosspy would be a good pick if one manages to get it up and running. During our testing the app didn't prove functional, and while this app does a good job at hiding within the device, it is hard to tell if it actually works.

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