Bad Piggies 1.0.0 Review

Create clever solutions to intricate puzzles with Bad Piggies.

Another amazing game from the makers of the very popular game series Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is the same story viewed from the perspective of the ingenious little green pigs, originally featured in Angry Birds. However, this game takes a very different approach to the experience by immersing the player in an interactive sandbox. Players must use creativity and engineering to get through each quest.

For those without a high-speed Internet connection, Bad Piggies may take a while to download. It is 42MB, but the size is due to the game's incredible details and physics engine. The game opens with an animated sequence that begins telling a story, which will continue throughout the user's progress. The basic idea of the game is that a pig must be transported through a series of obstacles on a vehicle. This vehicle must be designed and operated by the user. Specific materials are supplied and the user is scored based on several different standards. The number of materials used, the amount of time elapsed, and the amount of special items collected all impact the final score. Three stars are awarded to users who achieve all of the objectives of the level. The star system is different from Angry Birds because users can go back and try again to achieve the other objectives without doing the whole level all over again. This is great, because perfect scores will allow the user to unlock special items that may be used during the special sandbox levels. These are basically large playing fields with a large number of materials, so the player can create whatever they want and play around.

Arguably the best game available on the Play Store, Bad Piggies delivers loads of fun. It offers high-quality graphics, an intuitive user interface, and exciting action. It is also a creative puzzle game that will stimulate and challenge the mind. This game is a perfect pick for those who enjoy playing Angry Birds but crave more difficulty.

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