Baby Shapes and Animals 1.0.0 Review

Teach your children basic shapes using high-contrast images featured in the Baby Shapes and Animals game.

Designed to deliver an entertaining learning experience to small children and enhance their hand-eye coordination, this app also promises hours of fun. Baby Shapes and Animals does deliver on some of these promises, but it has far too many drawbacks for the everyday user to include it in their application collection.

At 26MB, Baby Shapes and Animals seems to be one of the largest applications of its kind. Given its simple graphics and extremely limited functionality, there is no reason it should occupy so much space. Download time can be horrendous and the application also lags considerably. It opens painfully slowly and drags down the entire device. There are also some other issues with this app, such as the absence of a screen lock. Screen locks are a crucial element to toddler-oriented applications. A screen lock prevents the child from exiting the program and accessing any other part of the device. It is unacceptable that this app does not include this feature. Another downside to this app is that it only comes with one free level. Other levels may be purchased at an additional cost, and that is easily facilitated through the application with one click. This is way too easy and should be improved. Toddlers should not be trusted to make purchase decisions.

There is definitely a market for these types of applications, but Baby Shapes and Animals is not one of the better ones. It lags considerably and lacks options that should be imperative for an application geared toward small children.

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