AntTek Quick Settings

Customize your device's quick settings menu with AntTek Quick Settings.

A quick settings menu, only available on the new Android 4.2 operating system, allows immediate access to all of the important settings that one may wish to change with a quick swipe of the thumb. AntTek Quick Settings brings this intuitive feature to all Android devices regardless of the operating system. It's a great app that functions perfectly.

AntTek Quick Settings installs very quickly. At only 2.5MB, it's very light on the resources, too. The look and feel of Jelly Bean is preserved in the remake of its menu. A black background is highlighted with intuitive, glowing icons. The menu, itself, can be completely customized, and in this way can also be used on devices with Jelly Bean as an upgrade. Many of the features that are available with the app are not available in the stock Jelly Bean menu, such as Web site bookmarks, contacts, and tethering functions. Users will experience a very pleasant, smooth operation. The menu does not jerk or lock up. It opens smoothly and functions just as the stock menu.

AntTek Quick Settings works as advertised and is highly recommended to Android users who like to customize their phone or access the settings menu on a regular basis. This app is especially great for those devices that cannot be upgraded to Jelly Bean or lack the CPU power for optimal use.

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