Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner 1.0 Review

Dust and clean your keyboard and mouse without shutting down your PC with this portable freeware.

We had to smile when we read about Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner and the one thing it does because it's such a simple and neat answer to a universal problem. Namely, how to clean your keyboard and mouse without either shutting down your PC or clicking and typing a lot of random keys (never a good idea).

This free app from Gromicho AF Systems turns off your keyboard and mouse for 60 seconds when you click its broom icon. That's enough time to blow out that crumb catcher you call a keyboard or clean the dust from your mouse's optical sensor. If you need more time (or less) you can change the time field. That's all there is to this super-simple yet extremely clever, little app. No need for anything fancy. Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner is totally free, easily portable, and compatible with Windows XP to 8. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or better to do its thing.

With Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner handy, you don't have to decide whether to shut down your PC and clean your mouse and keyboard or put the task off until an indefinite future date. This easy-to-use tool does its only job extremely well. The rest is up to you, so start dusting!

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