Free HDD LED 1.61 Review

Monitor disk activity visually with this easy-to-use portable freeware.

It's extremely reassuring to see that hard drive activity light flashing to the beat of moving data. But suppose you have no activity light? With no LED, how will you know if everything's okay with your PC's HDD? Easy: Try Free HDD LED and see the light. My Portable Software's freeware displays the activity of your system's disk drives, including portable drives, in three places: a flashing system tray icon, a desktop gadget, and even your keyboard's scroll lock LED. It also monitors disk space and can even issue warnings when free space is running low.

The first thing we did when we ran the fully portable Free HDD LED was to click Customize in the system tray and change Free HDD LED's options to Show Icon and Notifications. This made the icon sticky since an icon that flashes to show HDD activity is no good if you can't see it! But we had another choice, a draggable desktop gadget that displayed all our disk drives, including portable drives, in a compact row of activity indicators that also displayed each drive's capacity when we hovered our cursor over it. That's not the end of Free HDD LED's options, either. Right-clicking the tray menu or gadget opened an extensive menu of settings, including Autostart with Windows, HDD refresh rate, disk space tool, transparency settings, and updates. A pop-up warned us that enabling the blinking scroll lock feature might cause "some strange collateral effects," but we tried it anyway. We didn't notice anything strange (at least, not with our system) and it's definitely a valuable option.

PCs used to have real HDD LEDs on their case fronts, but Free HDD LED is actually way better because it not only saves energy by eliminating another LED but also monitors disk space.

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