ZC DVD Ripper Platinum 3.0.6 Review

Skip this DVD ripper/converter for a more reliable tool.

We've tried many freeware DVD rippers and converters, but so far, few have stood out. When we saw that the latest release of ZC DVD Ripper Platinum was listed as freeware, we were intrigued: Perhaps it's a premium tool that's now free? Or maybe a free trial version of shareware? Unfortunately, we were never able to clear that up with ZC DVD Ripper Platinum. Worse, we couldn't even use it.

The latest release of ZC DVD Ripper Platinum, version 3, is listed as ready for Windows 8 and includes "major" bug fixes. It requires at least 256MB of RAM (we had 8GB) and DirectX 9 or better (we had DirectX 11) to run. We installed it in a system running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. A nag screen suggested we needed to buy a license to use the software (Hmmm, we thought this was freeware?). ZC DVD Ripper Platinum's interface is really nothing more than a media player with a drop-down menu of output choices, a Settings icon, and a Record button. The Settings are minimal, mostly specifying codecs and output options. We could set the program for stereo or mono but not multichannel formats. But ZC DVD Ripper Platinum offers a lot of options for copying and converting DVDs under Output Format. We were mostly interested in backing up our DVDs to disk to play in a home theater system, so we made our selections and pressed Record. Unfortunately, ZC DVD Ripper Platinum froze and crashed -- three times.

There's no Help file or similar resources with ZC DVD Ripper Platinum to consult, and the developer's Web site was less help since it made no reference to the Platinum version being free; only ZC DVD Audio Ripper is listed as free software on the Products page, leaving us more confused about this program. Perhaps we would have been able to tell which version was which, had we been able to run the software and see what, exactly, it does. But after three attempts and three frozen program screens, we decided ZC DVD Ripper Platinum wasn't worth the time.

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