Video Converter Fox 4.1 Review

Grab YouTube tunes, convert videos, play games, listen to Net radio, and more with this all-in-one app.

Video Converter Fox bundles together a bunch of audio, video, and online resources into a single interface. It searches for and downloads MP3s and videos on YouTube, for starters, and even converts FLV files to MP3s, so you can save the tunes you find and play them on your portable device. It has a built-in Internet radio player, but it also plays your locally-stored media files. You can watch free online TV channels from dozens of countries, including free online movies. You can play all kinds of games while you're listening, too. And Video Converter Fox even has a built-in video chat app. Though Video Converter Fox is freeware, the "Pro" version isn't, and the distinction between versions (and another tool) isn't totally clear.

Video Converter Fox's user interface is as busy as the day before Christmas, but the dark-gray tones and separate tabs for each tool help to keep things organized, and you can change the look by clicking Skins on the menu bar. Though it packs a lot of stuff, Video Converter Fox is mostly about one thing: searching, downloading, and saving tunes on the world's biggest jukebox, YouTube, where the quantity more than makes up for the audio quality (or lack thereof). We searched for a song, and Video Converter Fox quickly located, downloaded, and saved it in our format of choice. How did our saved and converted file compare to streaming HD and analog vinyl versions of the very same tune? Better than we expected. As a way to hear new music, it works for us. The Net radio tool embeds Radio-Locator, which we use anyway. The games are exactly what you'd expect: simple and fun, Java-based time-wasters, with something for every taste. We didn't try the chat app, though Video Converter Fox offers plenty of other social media links.

If Video Converter Fox looks a lot like another program, ZiggyTV, that may be because the folks behind ZiggyTV are also behind Video Converter Fox and, as near as we can tell, the two programs are virtually identical except in name. And like ZiggyTV, Video Converter Fox's chief recommendation is its all-in-one nature.

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