Text to Image 1.0 Review

Type it out in an image file with this super-easy freeware.

Text to Image is a simple piece of freeware that does one thing, but it does it quicker and easier than just about any other tool. What it does is create image files out of text: You type it, choose the look, and press a button, and Text to Image does the rest. What use are the images? How about a custom title bar for your Web site? Or a restaurant menu? Or an invitation? For any kind of text that needs to be presented as an image file, Text to Image is a great first choice. Danaav's Text to Image is freeware that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

With so many complex graphics tools out there, Text to Image's ultra-easy-to-use interface is a welcome change. This compact dialog is dominated by a text entry field that can hold a lot of text. Four buttons take care of Text to Image's business: Text Color, Background Color, Text Font, and Convert to Images. We typed a brief text message into the text field and pressed Text Color, which, like the Background Color step, uses a simple, familiar color picking tool; likewise the Text Font stage uses a font manager. We selected an attractive font, set the type size and color, chose a contrasting background color, and pressed Convert to Images. Almost immediately Text to Images finished the task, simultaneously saving our new image as a PNG file and opening the destination folder. By default, Text to Image stores images in your Temp folder, but we could click Select Folder for Images to choose another destination folder. We clicked our new file, which opened normally in Windows Photo Viewer.

That was easy! Pretty cool, too. Turns out it's heaps of fun to type out signs and messages, choose elaborate fonts and garish colors, and create image files. Sure, Photoshop does everything Text to Image does and more. But you can open Text to Image, use it, and be on to the next task in the time it takes to figure out how it's done in Photoshop.

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