Easy Image Modifier 4.72 Review

Edit and modify images quickly and easily with this portable freeware.

Sure, Photoshop and its many clones do it all, but most of the time we just want a fast, easy-to-use tool for resizing or renaming a batch of images, or converting formats. Kevin Schneider's Easy Image Modifier fits that bill. It does those basic tasks and also modifies image borders, flips and rotates images, adds watermarks, and more. Easy Image Modifier is compact, portable, and (best of all) free. Recent updates include support for IFF images.

Easy Image Modifier opened with a Help-Get Started dialog describing the program's four steps: 1) Load images; 2) Configure Settings; 3) Begin Process; and 4) Result. A tool tip noted that many items in Easy Image Modifier also show text tips when you hover the cursor over them. Clicking OK closed the welcome screen and uncovered the main interface, which is also a dialog, with a menu bar, navigation sidebar, main window, and Load Image, Load Folder, and Process buttons. The Advanced Help menu includes extras like Wildcards, Placeholders, and Tips and Tricks. The sidebar menu lists Easy Image Modifier's Editing tools: Rotate/Flip, Resize, Add Padding, and Add Watermark; plus Sort, Edit File Properties, Change Format (JPG, PNG, BMP), and Rename -- everything we need.

We added some images. Easy Image Modifier has a neat way of displaying a selected item's thumbnail in a pop-up view next to the file list. Each tool proved easy to use. For example, the padding tool let us pad the image border to a chosen resolution (up to 1024 x 768) with a choice of filling: color, transparency, or pixel resolution. There is no fruit or cream filling, but clicking Color opened the next best thing, a yummy color picker. Our images processed super-quickly and appeared in the default Output folder on the desktop -- one of many options we could access in Easy Image Modifier's Settings, including EXIF, window, and after-processing options. This is an awesome little tool that can tackle some big jobs, but we especially like the way it makes quick work of day-to-day image editing tasks.

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