CDK Kreative Kreations 1.0 Review

Shop the company's wares with this app.

There's pretty much an app for everything, including access to exotic dancewear, thanks to CDK Kreative Kreations, a maker of such apparel. The company's app by the same name lets customers browse for and shop its wares. If you're interested in what the company has to offer, you can't go wrong with this app.

The CDK Kreative Kreations app opens with an easy-to-navigate interface that offers five straightforward menu options: Location, Shop, Reward, Gallery, and More. Tapping the Location button gave us the company's contact, address, e-mail, and Web site information. The Shop feature lets you browse for one-, two-, three-, and four-piece outfits, as well as Karos shoes and Kash Doll shirts. Not sure what you're looking for? Well, the Gallery feature, with the swipe of a finger, lets you look through pictures of what the shop has to offer; however, the pictures don't offer any description, so it's your best guess as to which piece is in the picture. If you're looking for a deal, the Reward feature lists any coupons or deals the store has going on at any given time. If you want to share photos, just visit the More features. From there, customers can also find related events, e-mail forms, news, and more coupons.

All in all, the CDK Kreative Kreations app is a nicely-designed marketplace for your iPhone. We recommend it for the company's frequent customers.

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