Avocado Scanner 1.0.1 Review

Scan and send PDFs with this handy app.

Quickly snapping pictures with your iPhone's camera and sending them is nothing new. We do it all the time with friends and family. But sometimes you need to do it in a more professional capacity, and with more send and edit options. That's where Avocado Scanner comes into play. It lets you snap pictures, edit them, and send them as PDF attachments. It also offers a faxing and printing feature, but only with the Pro version.

Avocado Scanner has a very basic interface, with two options at the bottom of your iPhone screen: a button to access your Camera and another to access your Camera Roll. I decided to start fresh and take a new picture. Once I snapped a picture, we were able to quickly and easily edit it. First, I cropped it, and then I was able to rotate it, remove the color, and then name it and save it. The whole process took about a minute. From there, I had the option of e-mailing the picture as a PDF or JPG, as well as open the PDF in iBooks. I could also send it to print or fax, but that requires upgrading to the Pro version. I was able to successfully send the image as a PDF attachment.

The Settings menu for Avocado Scanner is extensive, but not overwhelming. From that menu, you can set the default page size and page mode (color, document, or grayscale). It also permits you to compress PDFs, stabilize the camera, and set up automatic syncing for such services as iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive. A link to the app's online FAQ will answer any questions you have about faxing costs, wireless access, and more.

Avocado Scanner is a great app for anyone who needs a method for scanning and sending documents on the fly.

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