Woot Stalker - Deal Tracker 1.5 Review

Discover daily bargains and keep up-to-date with woot.com, using the Woot Stalker app for your Android device.

One-a-day deals are becoming very popular on the Web. For those who are interested in getting a great bargain on various products, Web sites such as woot.com represent a great opportunity. Woot Stalker allows users to quickly access woot.com and several other similar Web sites and browse deals of the day and select merchandise that they wish to purchase.

The shear ease of operation and simplicity of its design make Woot Stalker a joy to use. It downloads almost instantly and it consumes minute amounts of the device's resources. Following the quick download, users are able to intuitively begin using this application with no instruction. The screen will display the current daily deals on the Woot Web site. If a product that is displayed catches the user's eye they may simply touch the picture and the application will automatically open the Web site for the product. The application also features icons at the bottom of the screen that will display products from the corresponding Web sites.

Woot Stalker allows users to quickly and easily enjoy shopping for amazing deals. The app is easy to use and does what it claims. It is recommended for anyone interested in one-sale-a-day shopping.

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