WikiPad 1.1 Review

Create detailed records and mind map your ideas with WikiPad.

The idea of taking notes on a smartphone hardly seems new, but this app adds a twist. With WikiPad the user is able to create subsections through a simple process while taking notes. The app enables the user to create a Wikipedia-style database, where one note leads into several other notes. This is a fairly original idea and there are few if any applications that serve this function. While the idea is fantastic and the program does exactly what it claims, the execution needs some work.

WikiPad takes up very little memory in both usage and storage. It also downloads almost instantly. The user interface, which is very basic and easy to use, pops open with a short message about the program and a vague instruction. The instruction states that any word including two or more capital letters will automatically create a link to a new note. As discovered during testing, this is not entirely accurate. The capital letters cannot be adjacent to one another. Additionally, the word cannot start and end with a capital letter. If these unspoken rules are not followed, the program will not create a link. This is quite frustrating to somebody just trying to learn how to use the application. The only other downside to this app is the inability to create a new note without linking it to a previous note. This app seems to be primarily for someone who wants to keep an ongoing journal.

WikiPad functions exactly as it should and no bugs exist in the software. The nagging issues with this app are the small details that need some work. This app is recommended to anyone who wants to keep an ongoing log or journal. It could be great for field notes or research projects, too.

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