Vybe 1.2 Review

Design vibration profiles for all your callers using this innovative Android app.

Most smartphone users tend to put their phone into "vibrate" mode often -- during meetings, yoga, movies, performances, and dinner, etc. That way when your phone "rings" no one is the wiser. The main downside to this function, however, is that there is no way to tell what that jiggling in your pocket means without looking directly at the phone. Vybe breaks ground in that regard because it not only allows users to assign custom vibrations for specific contacts, but it also allows users to design each of those custom patterns in whatever fashion works best with their own mobile devices.

Vybe installed very quickly and easily, and a short tutorial thoroughly explained how to create and assign vibration patterns. The user interface is clean and modern, featuring clear, easy-to-read text. The main control panel contains a large button for creating and editing vibration patterns and obvious function switches. A graphical display shows each pattern in the form of a wave, which may help some users with their designs.

Patterns can be saved and reassigned to several users. A main pattern can can also be assigned to replace the stock rhythm. Patterns can also be assigned so that an individual contact may have one vibration pattern for a phone call and another for text messages.

Vybe performed flawlessly and is one of those incredibly useful apps you didn't know you needed until you discovered it. I can recommend it to anyone who keeps their phone on vibrate often, because Vybe allows you to answer the actual important phone calls and text messages and ignore others discretely.

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