Volume Booster 1.2 Review

Make your Android device noticeably louder with Volume Booster.

Some devices are set with their speaker volume at a conservative level, which prevents wear and tear on that particular component. Other devices do not play the sound very loud when playing videos from providers such as Netflix or Hulu. The only solution available is to download a volume enhancing application such as Volume Booster. This app claims to quickly and efficiently boost the volume on any device up to 30 percent. It does change the sound but it doesn't seem to boost it by that much.

As extremely light software, Volume Booster loads instantaneously. Once the application is opened, an instruction prompts the user to touch a small green button on the screen. Once pressed the volume is supposedly boosted. The volume does seem a bit louder after the button has been depressed, but it does not sound 30 percent louder. The sound is different, though, as if the levels have been changed to affect the treble and the bass. Another aspect of the software that should be mentioned is the adware that comes bundled in the application. A search tool is automatically loaded onto the home screen after installation of this app and requires removal due to annoying pop-up messages.

Volume Booster does very little to help the speaker volume. It also comes with an advertisement application that will eventually need to be removed. This app is only recommended as a last resort as it's not really clear if it delivers what it claims.

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