Urban Gossip FREE 1.1 Review

Access recent gossip via your mobile device and read about your favorite hip hop stars with Urban Gossip FREE.

Users who enjoy a little celebrity gossip may be interested in an application that draws from several sources. Urban Gossip FREE tries to accomplish this job on a small scale but fails miserably. The app crashes and is full of distracting ads.

Urban Gossip FREE doesn't consume a large amount of memory and it loads pretty quickly. The user interface is pretty rough, though. It is very busy and hard to read on a screen any smaller than a tablet. Not only is it incredibly hard to read but it is littered with invasive advertising, too. A scrolling advertisement is always present at the bottom of the screen. In addition to this there is also a video advertisement that pops up whenever a new magazine source is selected. Then, when the article is pulled up there is another advertisement on the page. These ads are so distracting that it's close to impossible to enjoy this application.

The main menu lists several sources at the bottom of the screen to search from. Once selected the application basically just takes the user to the appropriate Web page. The only difference is that with this app it's harder to read than with a regular browser because it only gives you a small window to view the page through. On several occasions during testing the application crashed suddenly without notice. This may be due to the fact that it is packed full of distracting advertising.

All the content that Urban Gossip FREE claims to deliver, but failed to provide, is available on the Internet. The text within the application is not properly formatted and the viewing area is greatly reduced. This app doesn't seem to be stable and is full of ads. All these reasons make this app completely undesirable and not recommended for download.

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