YoWindow Review

YoWindow for iOS lets you swipe to check the weather, minute by minute.

YoWindow for iPhone is a miniaturized version of the highly-praised Windows counterpart; it's a full-screen weather app complete with animated visualizations of "real time" weather.

The iPhone version comes with five main animated landscapes, each with their own distinctive look and feel. Each animated landscape comes with subtle yet dynamic features that evoke an incredible sense of calm. Stare at a landscape long enough, and you'll notice trees swaying in the background, birds flying off in the distance, airplanes taking off, and more. It's one of those apps that makes your phone a perfect desktop display at the office.

YoWindow also comes with some basic general profiles that account for any foreign unit standards, such as the metric system. However, you can set a custom unit for each measurement of temperature, wind speed, pressure, and more.

Beneath the header is a transparent, slidable forecast for each day of the current week. As you move the slider from left to right, YoWindow will display the predicted weather temperature for each time of day, based on the National Weather Service. YoWindow will also display animated weather effects at each time of day, and even visually account for day and night.

If only life looked this pretty outside my window...

(Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho)

For example, sliding your finger across the screen will trigger the sun to go down and the moon to rise. Rainy days will exhibit animated rain and clear nights will reveal starry skies and city lights.

Overall, YoWindow is a charming way to check the weather. It is not only surprisingly useful but also very pleasant to interact with. You can grab the iOS version from the iTunes store.

City lights, moving cars in the distance, and dancing clouds create an intricate portrait worth staring at.

(Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho)
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