The Walking Dead - Dead Yourself 1.1.3 Review

Apply grisly effects to your photos or photos of your friends using The Walking Dead-Dead Yourself app for Android.

If you enjoy watching the incredibly popular television show "The Walking Dead," or just have a general interest in zombies, then you'll enjoy this application, too. The Walking Dead-Dead Yourself app allows you to create an entertaining zombie version of any portrait you have on your mobile device. It is disturbing and fun at the same time.

The Walking Dead-Dead Yourself takes a little while to download. The app is pretty big because of the many different image files and image editing aspects of the program. Once the program opens, however, the fun begins immediately. The app starts with the selection of the portrait. You can either select a picture that is in the device's gallery or take a new picture. If a new picture is taken, there is a helpful transparent alignment tool. Once the image has been selected the user can select several effects to apply to the image. These effects include an assortment of creepy eyes, gory mouths, and zombie props for the background or foreground. There is also a large amount of visual effects that can be applied to the whole image to make it appear aged or distorted. Each effect can be moved around the image, resized, and rotated to fit perfectly. The result is a disgusting and entertaining rendition of the original portrait.

The Walking Dead-Dead Yourself offers pure entertainment. Users will find themselves taking a ton of pictures of their friends and converting them to creepy zombies. This app is highly recommended for those who enjoy the macabre, or are fans of the hit TV show.

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